Thursday, February 25, 2021

Streisand Media is an online information leveraging platform intended in providing the latest developments in New Media, the information are more technical and news are mainly given in a new dimension based on online presence and online PR perspectives. The articles and news are mainly focussing on in the current world how social media, search engines, and online paid mechanism playing a role in awareness, consideration and decision stages of human decision making.

Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME), manually generated or manipulated Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and online filter bubble mechanism (FBM) systematically fused together in online world and this Neuro Linguistic way to separated or attached people from different thought process, demography and geographical attributes.

Most of the cases major search engine and social-media companies deploy complex data analytics to divert people from the real news or subject, search engine and social media bots are behind such happenings, personalised search results generated by these bots will give information that may not be adequate, correct or complete. ‘personalised searched’ algorithms and ‘personalised news-stream’ algorithms this way isolate searchers in this manner, it can be treated as an intrusion to one’s civic right to know the truth or actual facts.

Unethical Search engine optimisation, Social media optimisation, semantic indexing, search engine manipulations, online paid campaigns, programmatic advertising and pseudo campaigns are become a major threat in knowing the reality of a news. The articles published here will be more on discussed how new media can effectively be used in Politics, business, branding and reputation management areas in a systematic and ethical way.