Shwas Homes builder cheating : Pseudo strategy to generate bad reputation and tarnish the image of a company and business

Shwas Homes builder cheating : Pseudo strategy to generate bad reputation and tarnish the image of a company and business

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Pseudo strategy to generate bad reputation and tarnish the image of a company and business - shwas homes builder cheating case revealed !

News | Kochi, Shwas Homes Private Limited, Cochin, which is a private limited company engaged in the business of construction of apartments and villas. According to company MD “the company is a 14 Year old veteran builder having 25 Successful projects in and around Cochin with more than 2000 satisfied Flat/villa owners”

The incident starts like this “ Customer a Delhi based malayalee who had booked a Villa from us for Rs.1.1 crore. He paid 20% payment amounting Rs.20 Lakhs and entered in to a legal agreement with the company for rest of the payment for which he applied for a housing loan”, the said person's housing loan was rejected by the bank and hence due to his inability in raising the rest of the payment on his own, he asked Shwas Homes to cancel the booking. Since a legal agreement for sale and construction was signed between builder and customer, Shwas homes management informed the customer that the paid amount shall be returned after 30% deduction and after re allotting to a new client as per the cancellation clause mentioned in the agreement.

The client refused to accept this arrangement and since it is civil in nature being legal agreement signed between both the parties, the client understood that it might take years if a civil suit is filed on this subject. Inorder to get his paid amount back by unlawful method, using his influence in political circle, filed a petition in local police station framing it as criminal offence hiding the civil nature of the said petition. Local police at the same hand did not verify the actual scenario of the filed petition and not ascertaining the True Civil nature of the filed petition, charged the same as Cheating Case which is criminal in nature. Due to high level pressure, 4 other clients petition for refund was also added to this primary petition to strengthen the cheating nature of the case.

On April 17th 2016, on a Sunday, Shwas Home MD was arrested by local police charging cheating case. Further, Shwas Homes approached High court to prove their innocence on the said case. Honourable High Court was convinced that all the cases involved are only civil disputes and there was no element of cheating at all. Based on above observation, Court squashed the FIR of this case.

Some personnel with a bonafide intention to hamper the company reputation and existence in the market, made some videos and shared it to public viewers, this way these people trying their best to damage the reputation of the Company and its Managing Directors. The company suffered heavy loss in its business. Several customers whose flats/villas are under construction are believing that the news item carried real facts due to this there was a high short-fall in the new customers for booking the apartments and villas under the ongoing projects of the Company and further they were not able to Launch new projects even after getting Building Permit for new projects.

Moreover there are 57 Office staffs and more than 450 Labourers, sub contractors working with Shwas Homes builders, according to Shwas Homes management it was a pre-planned attempt to topple down this company. Now they are moving ahead because of their plethora of satisfied clientele, they are with Shwas Homes stands to reaffirm company’s success story. With man power par excellence, and an uncompromising acumen for quality, Shwas Home’s corporate juggernaut has ever been on the move and gaining speed said Managing Director Mr. Sreeni Parameswaran

This is how competition in construction industry goes in an unhealthy way of toppling down their competitors using social media, web and other online platforms