Online Election Campaigns

Online Election Campaigns

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The internet is now a core element of modern political campaigns. Communication technologies such as e-mail, web sites, and podcasts for various forms of activism to enable faster communications by citizen movements and deliver a message to a large audience. These Internet technologies are used for cause-related fundraising, lobbying, volunteering, community building, and organizing. Individual political candidates are also using the internet to promote their election campaign.

Political world has always borne the fruits of online publicity. Today’s youth judge between right and wrong through the web. Hence its necessary that responsible people remove wrong information from the web and promote only right and healthy information.

‘Collaborative tagging’ is an innovative logic by which we can spread news among multiple people through various social networking mediums. This method is very effective for all type of political and election campaigns. This feature allowing people/ voters to access the campaign information via mobile phone and Internet.

With a view to making “politics accessible”, this feature allows voters to view news and videos associated with the election campaign and information on the electoral process, such unique technology based campaign tactics is unique and it can grab the attention of more prospective voters in a quick and fast manner