Grow your business with Google Business listing- Evaluation from “Google Local” to “Hawk” more emphasis on local business listing

Grow your business with Google Business listing- Evaluation from “Google Local” to “Hawk” more emphasis on local business listing

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Grow your business with Google Business listing- Evaluation from “Google Local” to “Hawk” more emphasis on local business listing

2005 October Google updated its algorithm called Google Local where they integrated Google map with Local Business Center (LBC) data, later during 2010 , LBC rebranded “Places,” and is integrated more closely with local search results through GOOGLE PLACES algorithm during 2010 April, during 2012, FEBRUARY Google VENICE algorithm started to give more localized results appear for board queries, ad same year on MAY 16 Google rolled out local search result that was enriched with, Relevant facts & images included alongside traditional results called KNOWLEDGE GRAPH, a SERP-integrated display providing supplemental object about certain people, places, and things.

On September 26th Google confirmed that a month ago a major update called “Hummingbird" was rolled out, with the objective of full question searches, emphasizes high quality content and many reports indicates that it was between August 20-22

Hummingbird has been compared to Caffeine (Launch of new web indexing system, resulting in 50% fresher index), and it was said to be a core algorithm update that may catalyst to semantic search and the Knowledge Graph in the days to come, later 2014 July Google integrated its core algorithms with “Local” via Pigeon algorithm defines how Google manages local search

For giving more emphasis on Google business listing, February 23, 2016 they made a major change in their AdWords algorithm called AdWords Shake-up and this change replaces right-column ads entirely with Google business listing, this algorithm change help people to publish their local business information in an effective manner. Google business listing has been existing since long back, anyone can list their business information through Google my business, Prior to this update, the desktop view of Google search would display Search Ads both above, below and to the right of the organic results. Now, if we search for an information associated with a company or details the right hand Ads no longer appear but we could find a knowledge pane appear in the same right hand side

Last update was reflected in August 22, 2017 impacting more specifically on the local search results, this has been implemented through “Hawk” Google local algorithm update, most of the updates are not announced officially, we can identify the updates based on the anyalysis of how local search result have been changed, through this algorithm update google filters out duplicate listing and picks the most relevant one was verified in a systematic way, this filter works in such a way that phycically verified location with proper information being given in a rich info mode ( combination of text, images, map, contact number, working hours, social media links, reviews etc) this has been achieved through Possum algoritm update during September 2016, this updation created a lot of confusion among business owners since multiple business in the same business group would even be filtered out. Google refine its filter in a more stringent way filtering out business in the same location on August 22, 2017 , but that doesn’t really mean its not filtering out as many business that are close by, but need to verify each address individually using valid physical address

Due to filtering most of the wrong listed and duplicate business listing have been filtered out, and in search, business list data or knowledge graph information would not be displayed, so most of the business people arrived at a conclusion that Google my business listing are no longer available or gone, in realty Google my business is enriched with more features like weekly post updation and adwords direct campaigns, this updation was came into effect on September 1, 2016 called “Possum” and is considered to be one of the biggest update since Pigeon in 2014.

Based on the analysis it is found that filtering in business listing is based on address, affiliation and physical city limits. The physical location of the searcher is more important than it was before, slight variation of the keyword in search also bestowed change in results, and it’s evident that local filtering is running independently compared to organic filters by Google