Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Astroturfing, Role of Social Media and Search Engine

Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Astroturfing, Role of Social Media and Search Engine

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Astroturfing, Role of Social Media and Search Engine

It has been observed that there is massive information sharing through Social Media from different people, companies, and organizations in an unorganized way. Why we can certain that it’s unorganized!? It’s a natural question!

Unauthorized information spreading across the web in light speed, the response caused in this news can adversely affect at some extend, when such situation is identified if it can adversely affect our reputation, we have to act accordingly and its necessary to take proper measures to hide such news, funny thing is some people even use such negative publicity to build your online presence, anyhow if a news or article it brings bad reputation to an organisation, person, product its necessary to do proper measures to hide or eliminate such news from web.

Most of the time it has been observed that all news and information generated from a single person’s blog or social media account like Youtube Channel, Facebook or something in a private manner, its scope has been limited to his friend circle only, here technology act as a hindrance to view the details of the news and information being distributed in a private or secret groups, if the information distributed or shared from anonymous person or accounts can potentially harm the reputation of companies and people.

In order to hide bad reputation creating news, its mandatory to share positive information in a collaborative way through tagging process, this ‘Collaborative Tagging Method’ integrating all relevant information through a systematic manner using the principle of Folksonomy algorithm, the positive information can be integrated with a portal, website, or blog and sharing repeatedly among newer and newer people as in the form of Texts, Streaming Videos, Posters, Images, Referral links, RSS feeds, Tagged materials etc and the mail sponsored campaigns are suffice to catch the attention of Internet users.

Through effective technology integration, news or information we will be distributed among various internet channels and take measures to engage people in discussion topics adopting inbound mechanism with the support of folksonomy based collaborative tagging, this tactics are one of the effective strategy in Astroturfing mechanism.

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