Cyber security Conference and workshop by Kerala Police

Cyber security Conference and workshop by Kerala Police

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How to Master the Skills to Overpower Hackers, and to Grow in your Cyber Security Career!

Thinking how to enter into cyber security field, and how to master the skills that are rare and in demand?

Cybersecurity brings in an exciting and rewarding career, but a lot of us wondering where to start and how to be successful in the world of security!.

Attacks are on the rise at an enormous rate, and the techniques used by the bad guys are very sophisticated. More and more businesses are entering into the digital world, and Internet channels are unavoidable. Governmental services are all moved online, and citizen data is available for hackers. Banking is entirely moving into digital, more than mobile banking! In short, no business or activities happening across the world, without any linking to the cyber world.

National critical infrastructures, including power, transportation, nuclear plans, oil refineries - all are under threats from the cyber world. Nation states are on the verge of waging cyber wars. Already different forms of cyber wars being visible in different parts of the world including the Middle East, Korea and Europe.

PwC’s 2018 CEO survey has highlighted a continued appreciation for security, with the top four threats to business growth prospects now including terrorism, geopolitical uncertainty, over-regulation and cyber threats. Financial sectors are rating Cyber Risks as the top-rated risks compared to all others.The shift in the approach towards security drives the way organisations and governments are addressing the cyber threats recently.

There is a growing understanding, based on various studies, that the risk of sponsored cyber-attacks on (inter) national infrastructure could cause economic chaos in countries. This economic impact is very much possible considering the type of attacks and the digital transformation of most of the services associated with national infrastructure, including transportation, telecommunication and banking.

However, after standard approach and under-investment in skills development for over a decade, cyber security world and business leadership say it is time for a significant change in the approach to safeguarding business.

Cybersecurity experts are required to ensure the embedding of security into the new services. The need for skilled, trained, and experienced professionals are the biggest challenges for the industry.

What can we do?

The research discovered that 350,000 open positions in cyber security in the US currently. There is an expected global shortfall of 3.5 Million cybersecurity professional by 2021.

It is clear that the escalation in cyber security threats created the needs for an enormous number of individuals with talent, skills and experience. However, at the same time, it is the combination of chronic underinvestment in training and education; market misalignment and a lack of self-marketing by the qualified professional, that is at the heart of the skills shortage problem.

The only way organisations can address the massive demand for cybersecurity skills by understanding the importance of training, developing and building capabilities among their existing employees, and also to onboard the employees who possess the right training and certifications with the necessary experience.

IT industry needs to step up and invest in training – right, agnostic training, not product specific, which are primarily sales education. If the next generation of cybersecurity individuals is going to be able to make the right decisions, they need an excellent grounding in security. It is only with that in-depth understanding of end to end security issues that individuals build the capability to create a robust security infrastructure supported by the right product choices.

Also, the skills are required to analyse and build the right security controls in software development, that includes the latest developments in digital transformation, big data, and cloud-based services. Also skill sets required to enable students and employees to be innovative in using the latest technology advancements in cyber security controls development, investigation, forensic analysis and also incident responses.

What is unique about c0c0n 2018 Workshop Offering?

Kerala Police CyberDome combined with POLCYB, Kerala IT Mission and GTech has come up with C0c0n 2018 with an intention to address the skills shortage in cybersecurity and provide advanced training to students and professionals in addition to the industry awareness and networking. The Pre-conference workshops are being selected to suit the current and future trends, to build the capability with hands-on experience.

There are more than 8 very profoundly technical and skill building training and workshops designed to the cybersecurity enthusiasts to gain the knowledge from the most experienced and proven cybersecurity experts.

c0c0n 2018 workshops include literally hands-on training to the students to build a real-world attack monitoring solution using the advanced ELK Framework and big data platforms to enable real-time monitoring and analysis of the enormous amount of security logs from across the organisation to make more informed visibility and decisions.

Considering the latest developments in mobile applications, digital transformation, and encryption, c0c0n 2018 has designed workshops to teach the students and professionals on the deep level aspects of encryption, and how to explore it to ensure the implementation and use without compromising the performance and flexibility. Security vulnerabilities present and the exploits associated looked at for the students to take away the knowledge to protect their organisation from these security risks.

Deep level training with some of the best regional and international trainers conducting the workshops on Penetration testing, Security code review, malware analysis, configuration reviews of the latest container technologies, and burp suite for mobile and web application testing are some of the very interesting workshops planned at c0c0n 2018 on the 3rd and 4th of October 2018.

C0c0n 2018 showcasing an excellent opportunity for the professionals and students who are looking to learn some exciting and demanding skill sets and knowledge in addition to the speeches from world famous speakers at the c0c0n 2018 conferences and exhibition on October 5th & 6th.

Two days Pre Conference Workshop to learn and master advanced Cybersecurity skills. Industry experts different part of the world will be leading this hands-on workshop. This topic will help to understand mode attacks and how to fight against these cyber-attacks, also, this give an insight how to develop a secure system and maintain systems securely. The workshop topic includes

  • Building a real-world attack monitoring solution through elk stack
  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering
  • Attacking & auditing docker containers
  • Attacking weak encryption implementation
  • Burp suite for mobile and web application security testing
  • Javascript for penetration testing the modern application stack
  • Secure code audit & mobile app exploitation

The registrations are still open, for more details please visit the link