The first Indian humanoid Police Robot

The first Indian humanoid Police Robot "KP-BOT" by Kerala Police

The historic inauguration first Indian humanoid Police Robot KP-BOT Kerala Police Police Headquarters Honourable Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan 

The first Indian humanoid Police Robot "KP-BOT" by Kerala Police 

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala State is on the brink of creating history by becoming one of the few countries in the World, to have inducted humanoid robots into the Force. As the leaders in the country in introducing “Technology in Policing”, Kerala Police introduces KP-Bot, the first Humanoid Robot in the country. Robots are the future of Technology.

The times when robots will be in every home and workplace is not far away. With recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are seeing the advent of intelligent robots that can perform the tasks similar to that of humans. Not to mention a rising demand globally for human-like robots that can perform tasks such as information assistance, physical assistance, surveillance and so forth. Homeland security & forensic sciences, law & order are some areas where robots are potentially being used worldwide. In recently held c0c0n cyber conference, the State Police Chief had promised that Kerala Police will be introducing Robots into selected police duties and as a part of the same, Kerala Police Cyberdome worked with Asimov Robotics, a Kochi start-up and have developed and launched this human- like service robot platform called “KP-bot”. The platform has undergone many revisions and refinements to have the form-factor, appearance and behavior to besimilar to human beings. With AI and a range of sensors collecting information of the environment, KP-bot is able to work alongside human beings seamlessly. KP-BOT is designed to provide top quality service around the clock in terms of public interface and front office administration by overcoming the human error and limitations. However, this new positioning does not replace any human resources rather, it can be used as the first contact point and a tool to collect the required data with which they can improve the overall serve quality and performance.

The major duties assigned to the KP-BOT are

  • To meet and greet officers and through face recognition.
  • To meet and greet and guide visitors to the appropriate sections within the office as required.
  • To provide detailed and accurate information to the visitors on the procedures related to services available in the office, through verbal communication supported by information displayed on the screen.
  • Collect info of visitors to fix appointments & to issue visitors ID.
  • To create case file on complaint/petition detailed by the visitor.
  • Allow officers to get connected to the robot though telepresence

Future additions planned.

  • To equip the robot with additional sensors like metal and IED detectors, thermal imaging, gas sensors and facial gesture recognition etc. to address the safety and security aspects of human officers and work place.
  • Through dynamic face recognition through machine leaning, help visitors to get the update of their petition during the second visit.

The historic inauguration of the KP-Bot is scheduled on 19th Feb 2019 at Police Headquarters, Trivandrum by the Honorable Chief minister Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan.

It’s said according to a press release by ADGP Shri. Manoj Abraham IPS who is acting as the Nodal Officer of CyberDome- the team behind the great initiative