The power of Journaling and how it can improves one’s mental health

The power of Journaling and how it can improves one’s mental health

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The power of Journaling and how it can improves one’s mental health

First, let me properly define the terms journaling and mental health for you. Journaling is the practise of writing in a journal or diary; mental health simply put, is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. But, it is still a term that is looked upon with stigma because when we hear mental health all we focus on is the word mental and not the entire word ‘mental health’.

Each and every one of us go through multiple emotions on a daily basis. We wake up happy, get out of the house in anxiety maybe because we are late, experience tension throughout the day due to work and may end the day in an angry mood, this itself is four emotions in a single day. What about those thoughts and emotions that we can’t control, those that keep playing in our mind, those that we can’t or are unable to share with others because we don’t know how to explain them or are afraid of what others might think; these are moments when journaling the events of our day, our thoughts, our emotions, our goals and aspirations, will help us identify the reasons for our current emotional state, make us emotionally intelligent and one of the most important thing; it facilitates introspection.

Journaling is not a habit that you can start overnight. Like any other habit, it is an activity that must be repeated either daily or weekly to turn it into a habit. There are no hard and fast rules for journaling. Everybody has their own unique way and reasons for journaling. But, it is always the hesitance to start that puts a stop to it before we even begin.

I always wanted to write journals, but, somehow I never got past my first entry. I started many times and the result was the same only a single entry and then nothing till I start a new journal and the process repeated again. Then one day my manager pointed out that the reason for my inability to continue past the first day could be because I always started my journals with dear diary, and she suggested that I start my entry with anything else other than dear diary and I did. Since then I have been journaling, if not daily at least weekly and sometimes it’s just a few entries a month because I’m not ready to put down what I feel at that time. This exercise has helped me grow emotionally and as a person by helping me understand myself a little better with each entry.

Journaling is an exercise that I feel everyone should take up if not for the therapeutic benefits it provides, at least for a way to reminisce about the events in your life that made a difference.

By Ms.Mischelle Tressa Denniz

Student, Kerala Media Academy