Kerala to seek more fund for RKI through Development Partners Conclave

Kerala to seek more fund for RKI through Development Partners Conclave

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Thiruvananthapuram: As we are approaching a year after the devastating flood in Kerala, that occurred on August 2018, the Kerala government is trying to expedite the ongoing Rebuild Kerala initiative by holding a conclave titled "Development Partners Conclave" which will be held in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram on July 15th, it comes amidst the criticism that the state government has been laid-back in its building efforts. The CM said that he expects participation from several high - profile national and international agencies which include the CM said, World Bank. The Asian Development Bank, German State - Owned Development Bank the KfW group, Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA), United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) and other agencies.

Kerala floated an arm Rebuild Kerala Initiative in November 2018, to monitor the post-flood construction works but it received a lot of disparagement from the opposition and the press for exactly what it was aimed to remove - the delays in rebuilding.

Amidst these disparagements, the cash strapped state government has been grappling with major financial hurdles to do the reconstruction in full swing. The has offered or is in the process of finalizing these loans - a $500 million from the World Bank,$200 million from ADB,$100 million from KfW. It has also raised another $3000 crore from charity donations, but the CM said, the money is not enough.

In the next ten years, a huge sum has already been spent on reconstruction and the UN and World Bank study estimated the total loss to be around 31,000 crores and the fund received was not enough for reconstruction purposes. The Government has already conducted a discussion with the national and international agencies very early and the funds received for the reconstructions under the Rebuild Kerala Initiative were not enough as the loss due to the floods were very high. We need to tap other national and international agencies too and we hope the conclave will help in this matter.