Quality teaching and learning through virtual classroom

Quality teaching and learning through virtual classroom

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Teaching in the 21st century does mean teaching 21st generation. It means helping and monitoring the students to learn and implement 21st century skill. So teachers must be very welcoming to any new technology to ensure the best learning in the virtual classroom besides the physical classroom.

In foreign countries, majority of educational institutions have come to rely more heavily on digital platforms to structure the learning experiences of students, it is important to carefully consider how pedagogical practices need to change in order to capitalise upon these changes.

While implementing digital platforms its efficacy also to be analysed based on geographical and technical disparities, and make sure that It can also encourage teacher educators to be self-reflexive and inquiry orientated about their use of technology and its impact on students. Its mandatory that instructors should understand well about the before they are going to utilise the platform, but also in constructing meaningful learning experiences for students.

The major factors to be considered while implementing digital learning platforms, ensure the Tools enabled could Increase Pace Accessibility, which could foster Collaboration Agency and Voice finally that could leads to Quality Learning

There are lots of tools, technologies, methodology and practices have been made available in the industry. Many tertiary institutions have embraced digital learning through the use of online learning platforms and social networks. However, the research about the efficacy of such platforms is confused, as is the field itself, in part because of the rapidly evolving technology, and also because of a lack of clarity about what constitutes a learning platform, here is the actual significance of an effective collaborative tool need exists, where teachers, students and parents must be collaboratively integrated in a single frame-work where lectures, assignments, evaluation and grading features must be integrated and accessed in ease.