Persona based web centric election campaign approach | Online election campaign services

Persona based web centric election campaign approach | Online election campaign services

With the drastic increase in Smartphone usage and internet connectivity along with 45 million new first time young voters could play a major role in 2019 elections, of course it’s a right question which political party or alliance’s strategies will work out or succeed in achieving the goal in 2019 parliamentary polls to attract new electorate, during 2019 election new media strategies will ofcourse be a key factor in trend analysis, content creation and information leveraging among the public- now we call them not public or voters instead “Voter Persona”.

Who is your Voter Persona!? Persona concept has been derived from inbound marketing concept or targeted marketing, Voter Persona is a semi fictional representation of your ideal prospect who could directly or indirectly influence your voter.

Framing Mechanism: The content (information) is playing a crucial role in grabbing the attention of your ideal voter, the logic or art of creating content is called framing mechanism. Content can be of different nature or forms, it can be in the form of trolls, posters, banners, text, videos etc, but onething that has to be taken into mind that if you wish to share your content among your right prospects its necessary to follow social media and search engine algorithms, where you need expertise in related area.

Convetional Method Vs Psychological Attributes and contradiction: Conventionally “Reciprocity” has been treated as major role in election campaigns, once a candidate got selected and it’s his responsibility to serve his country and people, doing his duty and reiterating it again and again before the public have been treated as an ill-fated attempt in social medias, technically it can become and it is not going to bring anything good, instead it can cause canonical issues, more precisely the same content can be eliminated from search result.

(Reciprocity: We feel obliged to give back to people who have given to us)

Content framing mechanism, social media platforms, time of content sharing or leveraging it all will be based on Voter Persona perspectives only. The 2019 election battle is likely to be fought as much on phones than in the streets. Maybe, the younger lot will find phones more handy and 80% of the younger generation are depending mainly on smart-phones to grab and share information.